Winter Data

SNOW TABLE for South Erin (Reset Sept 1st)
Snow Depth: 0.000 in Est Snow Altitude: 2081 ft
Station Elevation: 1663 ft ASL
Today 0.000 in Yesterday 0 in
May    [0 Snow days] 0 in Season    [35 Snow days] 21.750 in
Station Location: (GM *EXT*, MM *EXT*, MQ *EXT*)
Latitude   : N  42  9 min   1 sec (42.150278)
Longitude: W 76 39 min 13 sec (-76.653611)
Nearby towns:
Erin, NY *EXT* 2.5 Miles NNW of this station   - Elevation : 1243 ft
Elmira, NY *EXT* 8 Miles WSW of this station - Elevation :   872 ft
Interactive Snow Information for Erin, New York from NOAA/MADIS *EXT*
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WU Map
Snow Depth map above courtesy of  Weather Underground *EXT*

Snow Detail image

NERFC Daily Snowfall Map for New England and NYS *EXT*
NERFC Snow Depth Map for New England and NYS *EXT*