Solar Information

Graphic: Solar Sparkline Graph       Graphic: UV Sparkline Graph

Yellow dot below = Actual Sun position
Current Sun position - graph
Green line(high line) = the curve the sun will follow on the 21 st of June(longest day)
White line(low line) = the curve the sun will follow on the 21 st of December(shortest day)
Solar Noon @ 13:03
Sunrise @ 5:38 am Sunset @ 8:27 pm
Today 0 W/m2 as of 12:00 AM Today 0.0 as of 12:00 AM
Yesterday 1104.0 W/m2 at 3:00 PM Yesterday 10.0 at 2:43 PM
May 1396.0 W/m2 on 5/8/2017 May 11.9 on 5/20/2017
2017 1396.0 W/m2 on 5/8/2017 2017 11.9 on 5/20/2017
Sunshine hours (today) 00:00 hrs Sunshine hours (yesterday) 01:38 hrs
Sunshine hours (May) 82:50 hrs Sunshine hours (2017) 472:26 hrs

The higher the UV Index, the more intense the exposure to UV rays that can damage the skin. Here is a way to get a rough estimate of how much exposure to the sun at a given UV Index might result in sunburn. People's response to exposure can vary widely, depending upon skin type(and among other things).

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