Airport METAR Information
Reported hourly (sometimes more often)

METAR = KELM 191853Z 32014G22KT 290V350 9SM -SN BKN038 OVC047 03/M03 A2989 RMK AO2 SNE1756B45 SLP129 P0000 T00331033

OBSERVED....... Thu Apr 19, 14:53 EDT
NOW............ Thu Apr 19, 15:19 EDT
AGE............ 26 min ago
WIND........... NW at 16 mph, gusting to 25 mph
VISIBILITY..... 9 miles
CONDITIONS..... light snow
CLOUDS......... overcast
TEMP........... 37°F (3°C)
WIND CHILL..... 28°F (-2°C)
DEWPT.......... 27°F (-3°C)
HUMIDITY....... 65%
BAROMETER...... 1012 hPa (29.89 inHg)

  Additional remarks
 AO2 = Automated precipitation sensor is working
 P0000 = Precipitation last hr (A trace)
 SNE = Snow Ended ## Time
 SLP### = Sea Level Pressure ### in hectopascals

Meteorological Station Information for KELM - 24 Hour Summary

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 - Light Moderate (see note 2)
+ Heavy
VC In the Vicinity (see note 3)
MI Shallow
PR Partial
BC Patches
DR Low Drifting
BL Blowing
SH Shower(s)
TS Thunderstorm
FZ Freezing
DZ Drizzle
RA Rain
SN Snow
SG Snow Grains
IC Ice Crystals
PL Ice Pellets
GR Hail
GS Small Hail and/or Snow Pellets
UP Unknown Precipitation
BR Mist
FG Fog
FU Smoke
VA Volcanic Ash
DU Widespread Dust
SA Sand
HZ Haze
PY Spray
PO Well-Developed Dust/Sand Whirls
SQ Squalls
FC Funnel Cloud / Tornado / Waterspout (see note 3)
SS Sandstorm
SS Duststorm
1. The weather groups shall be constructed by columns in the table above in sequence left to right
    i.e. intensity, followed by description, followed by weather phenomena
    e.g. heavy rain shower(s) is coded as +SHRA
2. To denote moderate intensity no entry or symbol is used.
3. Tornados and waterspouts shall be coded as +FC.

Characteristics of Barometer Tendency
Example: 5appp
a is the pressure change over the past 3 hours or Code Figure
ppp is the amount of barometric change in tenths of hectopascals
Description Code
pressure now
higher than 3
hours ago.
Increasing, then decreasing 0
Increasing, then then steady, or increasing then increasing more slowly. 1
Increasing steadily or unsteadily. 2
Decreasing or steady, then increasing; or increasing, then increasing more rapidly. 3
pressure now
same as 3 hours
Increasing, then decreasing 0
Steady 4
Decreasing, then increasing. 5
pressure now
lower than 3
hours ago.
Decreasing, then increasing. 5
Decreasing then steady; or decreasing then decreasing more slowly. 6
Decreasing steadily or unsteadily. 7
Steady or increasing, then decreasing; or decreasing then decreasing more rapidly. 8