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About this Site

     I made this website for something to do, its totally not for profit.  At first, it was just a single personal web page made with FrontPage in experimental mode.  I decided to put some extra stuff on like hobbies.  Bought a house, along with a house out in the boonies/woods/sticks.  Telescope and then a Weather Station later was added.  Nice dark skies at night and decent weather most of the time, along with the occasional power outages.  My hobbies over the years have gone from Astronomy to Weather watching.  Guess I got carried away with Weather watching some eh?

About Erin, NY

     Erin *EXT* is a town located in Chemung County *EXT*, New York, USA.  As of the 2000 census, Erin had a total population of 2,054.  The name was applied by early settlers from Ireland.  Erin is east of Elmira and is at the county's northeast border.  The town was first settled around 1816.  Erin was formed in 1822 from the Town of Chemung.  The hamlet of Erin is in the south-central part of the town on Route 223.  For more details there is also Wikipedia *EXT*, Tri-Counties Genealogy & History Site *EXT*, and just for Erin *EXT*.  To find other local websites near us, use GeoURL *EXT*.

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About this Station

ISS image - Station 1 VP Envoy - Station 0      South Erin weather station (Location) *EXT* went online in February 2005.  This station utilizes a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus with 24-Hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield *EXT*.  Data is collected every 2 seconds via a Davis Wireless Weather Envoy *EXT* and the site is updated every 5-10 minutes.  This site and its data is collected using Weather Display *EXT* software.
     This station comprises of the Davis Vantage Pro2 Envoy receiver, solar powered integrated sensor suite (ISS) @ 7', which includes rain collector w/heater, temperature and humidity sensors and solar panel, anemometer @ 30', solar radiation sensor @ 30', and UV sensor @ 30'.  Temperature and humidity sensors are enclosed the ISS, 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield. Shield combines fan aspiration and passive shielding to minimize the effects of solar radiation.  Electronic components are housed in a weather-resistant shelter.
Soil M/T Station image - Station 2      Davis Complete Wireless Soil Moisture/Temperature Station *EXT*, Solar-powered station includes transmitter and battery inside weather-resistant shelter, 4 soil moisture sensors, 4 soil temperature probes, and 2 leaf wetness sensors.

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