Mostly cloudy, No measurable precip  Solar:100%  UV:2.3
  Curr weather Mostly cloudy, No measurable precip Town of Erin NY Website *EXT*
  Temperature 60.1°F Town of Horseheads NY Website *EXT*
  Humidity 85% City of Elmira NY Website *EXT*
  Dew Point 55.6°F Chemung County Government *EXT*
  Avg Speed 9.3 mph National Homeland Security Knowledgebase *EXT*
  Curr Speed 19 mph Free Annual Credit Reports *EXT*
  Direction SSE National Do Not Call Registry *EXT*
  Gust last hour 23.0 mph
  Barometer 29.47 inHg
  Today's Rain 0.37 in NY State Lottery *EXT*
  Wind Chill 57.0°F NY State - Find Cheap Gas Map *EXT*

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